10 U.S. Landmarks Every Kid Should See

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10 U.S. Landmarks Every Kid Should See

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Whether you prefer country or city scenes, family vacations mean bonding time. Not only does family travel create special memories, it’s also “one of the best ways to get them [your kids] excited about learning geography, history and a wealth of general life skills,” says Laura Schaefer, author of Planet Explorers Travel Guides for Kids. Family vacations also teach children about diversity in the world beyond their own town or socioeconomic situation.





“The Statue of Liberty tells an important part of the story of America,” noted Schaefer. “Being there is a breathtaking experience for a visitor of any age.” Engage in discussions about the country’s history and values while you’re there.





The four faces in South Dakota’s famous Mount Rushmore are a must-see for every American, no matter their age. Visiting this U.S. landmark opens up discussion about America’s history, the role of the president and even art.







Take a trip down south to Florida’s Everglades, a subtropical wetland that’s spread between Orlando and Lake Okeechobee. Visitors to this rugged and diverse landscape are privy to alligator sightings. Many types of ecosystems and rock formations are located here, making this an educational and somewhat exotic destination.






The Hoover Dam—located on the border of Arizona and Nevada—is an impressive U.S. landmark built in the Great Depression of the 1930s during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Besides being a magnificent sight, the dam might spark discussion of the amount of work that went into building this huge structure and what its purpose is.





A visit to our nation’s capital provides an opportunity to see a multitude of important national landmarks. In one epic day you can hit the White House, the Capitol, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Places such as the Smithsonian Museums and the highly interactive National Postal Museum make Washington, D.C. very kid-friendly.






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