16 Ways to Eat the Day After Thanksgiving

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16 Ways to Eat the Day After Thanksgiving

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Resist the urge to over-correct after a gluttonous, glorious Thanksgiving Day. Even the midnight turkey sandwich is fine, fine, fine. The best way to keep from sliding into daily gorges through New Year’s Day, and the bloated, tight-pants feeling that comes with the holidays, is to just let bygones be bygones and start fresh every day.

Make good choices. Here’s are some ways to do that:

Save eating splurges for big parties and get-togethers. Use the day after any big eating event to reset. That starts, as it should every morning, with a healthy breakfast to get your spiking and crashing blood sugar levels back on track.


So you might have had way more than the recommended daily allowance of salt, which is easy to do with all that gravy, stuffing and deliciously brined turkey.

Flush out the excess, and also boost your metabolism, by rehydrating. That means drinking whenever you feel thirsty (eight 8-oz. glasses of water is easy to remember), more if your body craves it (and it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated). Take in whatever you can that leaves you feeling satisfied.




Besides giving you the caffeine hit you might be looking for, antioxidant-rich green tea will also help clear your head if you woke up a little hungover from holiday wine and football game beers.

A green tea matcha latte is a nice treat and might help fight your day-after cravings for another plate of rich foods.






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