17 Tips for Parenting After a Divorce

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17 Tips for Parenting After a Divorce

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One of the hardest decisions about divorce in a family is how the parents will move forward while learning to live apart. But in the wake of a married partnership dissolving, a parenting partnership can still survive—and even thrive.

It’s important to allow yourself to grieve the end of your marriage, with the goal of trying to accept and adjust accordingly. Kids want to know they’ll be OK and they take their cues from their parents’ own behaviors and actions.




That doesn’t mean any of this will necessarily be easy. If, while married, you and your ex had difficulty communicating, it’s not going to get easier once you’ve split up. Adopt a businesslike tone when updating about the kids, working through conflicts or even scheduling pickups and dropoffs.






On days or weeks when the kids are with your ex, make sure you have daily contact with people you like. Plan dinners or outings with friends, especially on weeknights, when you would otherwise be hustling through the dinner/homework/bedtime routines.






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