19 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy, Happy Holiday

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19 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy, Happy Holiday

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Staying healthy and fit during the holidays is a noble goal, but groaning tables filled with traditionally rich foods will set you back and then some. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid holiday meal get-togethers. You just have to make choices in line with your way of eating. The best way to do that is to stick to the leaner, lighter fare like turkey, salads, roasted vegetables and fruity desserts, and pass on these traditional holiday foods.

Cheesecakes show up at every holiday meal, but they’re available year-round. So don’t throw away your day’s calories on a single slice.



Cranberry sauce is a sugary condiment that is often disguised as a healthy fruit. Don’t fall for the promise of vitamin C. Chop up peeled, seeded oranges instead. They make a great added flavor without all that hidden sugar and corn syrup.







Thick, delicious and imbued with the flavors of the season, eggnog is a meal in a glass in terms of fat, with nearly 400 calories per serving. Pick up a glass of spiced tea instead.







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