3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Kerry Washington

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3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Kerry Washington

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Kerry Washington is an accomplished actress and producer, who has worked in television and on the big screen. This Bronx native and PowerMom freely admits that being pregnant on set (twice!) has influenced the way she has portrayed the character of Olivia Pope on the ABC series Scandal. Her impressive body of work, the way she defines herself as a working mother and her powerful speech at the Women’s March in Los Angeles make Kerry Washington a very crush-worthy mom.


Impressive Acting and Producing Career.

Kerry Washington graduated Phi Beta Kappa from George Washington University, where she studied theater. She has close to 50 acting roles to her credit; however, she is probably best known for her work over six seasons on Scandal. As the always-interesting character Olivia Pope on the series, Washington plays a women entrepreneur who “fixes” sticky situations for her clients.


A Working Mother

Since Washington was hired to play the role of Olivia Pope, her life has changed dramatically. She has had to dramatically change the way she gets into character from when she first started playing Olivia. Now that Washington is a working mother with two young children (daughter Isabelle and son Caleb), she discovered she has had to adjust her acting style during her pregnancies to play a character who was not expecting.

She describes her acting style as being very physical. Washington is used to approaching her work in building a character from that point of view. When Washington first started playing Olivia, she felt that the character’s life shared some similarities to her own. Once she started a family, any similarities between Olivia Pope’s fictional life and her own diverged very quickly. She said it was a real learning experience to hold onto the character’s “posture and emotion” while her (Washington’s) body was going through a major transformation.

Powerful Voice at Women’s March in Los Angeles

Kerry Washington stepped up to the microphone at the Women’s March in Los Angeles held after the 2016 election. This PowerMom’s first words put to rest any ideas that her television character would somehow appear to change the results for anyone who wasn’t happy that Donald Trump had won. Then she reminded the crowd with simple, powerful words: “This is our country.”


Washington urged people who were apprehensive about the future to focus on the future and to work together. These words from the women entrepreneur were extremely well received by the crowd in attendance and the media reporting on the event.


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