3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Reese Witherspoon

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3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Reese Witherspoon

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This Nashville native is an Academy-Award winner who has never lost sight of her Southern roots. Aside from her acting career, Reese Witherspoon has recently launched a clothing and house ware company, Draper James, which is named after her grandparents, Dorothy Draper and William James. Draper James is full of southern charm and style, just like its founder. Are you a fan of the movie Gone Girl, or Wild? You have Ms. Witherspoon to thank. Reese Witherspoon has helped create timeless movies through her production company, Pacific Standard. Of course, like all PowerMoms, Witherspoon believes in giving back and supporting young women in her community. Here’s why we’re crushing on Reese Witherspoon:


She is a successful Actress and Movie Star.

We first got to know Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, the pink-favoring, pooch-toting sorority girl who followed her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School in Legally Blonde. Her success in this role opened the door to many opportunities, including taking on the role of June Carter in Walk the Line. The film was a great success, where Witherspoon earned a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and an Academy Award for her performance. She went on to work on the animated film Monsters vs. Aliens and starred in Water for Elephants.

She created her own film company.

In 2011, Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea established a multimedia production company, Pacific Standard. Its goal was to see “different, dynamic women on film.” The company has been responsible for bringing Gone Girl and Wild to the screen. Rather than waiting for good scripts to come along, Witherspoon decided to go out and find the opportunities. She admits she got the drive to be a “doer” rather than a “complainer” from her upbringing. Her mother had always said, “If you want something done, do it yourself,” and she took those words to heart.

She is an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

This PowerMom has also added entrepreneur and philanthropist to her list of accomplishments. Her company, Draper James, is heavily influenced by her Southern values, which boil down to conducting oneself with grace and dignity, being welcoming and reaching out to help others. The brand practices what it preaches in supporting young women to “become leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change.” In partnership with Girls Inc., Draper James sponsors a literacy program in Nashville to teach middle and high school students about managing and investing money.


Ms. Witherspoon is nothing if not open, stating in an interview that she doesn’t believe in perfection and doesn’t think it exists. She went on to say that wanting things to be great is a “perfectionist energy.” Her drive for “wanting things to be great” has placed her firmly in a seat of power as the most powerful woman in Hollywood. Reese Witherspoon has proven that women entrepreneurs don’t have to abandon their values to achieve success, and she has done so with her own variety of Southern grace, wit and charm.


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