Fun Family Activities for the Holiday

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Fun Family Activities for the Holiday

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Fun Family Activities for the Holiday
There’s nothing quite like the joy of the holidays, especially for making family memories. That’s why this holiday season will be the perfect opportunity to encourage your family’s creative side. Get into the spirit and cherish the traditions you build with one another — those extra special moments will always be worthwhile.



Make Memories with Family Activities
Each season, certain activities are a must. Easter is all about bright, spring colors and egg decorating, whereas Christmas brings the reminiscent smells of holiday baking to mind. Regardless of the holiday, these moments are opportunities — opportunities to celebrate family traditions and introduce your family to new, exciting activities.

As you tick one activity off after the next, know that it’s a chance to spend valuable time with those who mean the most. It’s a time to be grateful for all that you have, including the memories that you cherish, holiday after holiday and year after year.

Ready to wow your family?

Here are some family-fun activities to get the party started.

In the Kitchen
The best family memories and traditions are often made in the kitchen. Think back to your childhood — what is it that sparks nostalgia for you? Is there anything you want to share with your children? Perhaps you’d like to try something different? If so, here are some rewarding (and tasty) options.

All kids love a good gingerbread house around the holidays, so why not personalize it? Make features that represent your family home to give it that extra special touch. You can find some great tips here. You can even make a gingerbread treat for the family dog.
Cozy up with some s’mores. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, why not organize a safe and exciting s’mores night? If you don’t have a fireplace, fear not! You can make a ‘deconstructed’ hot s’mores cocoa around Christmas or some hot apple cider in the fall.

Games and Activities
The holidays are the perfect time to give-back — and what better way than to make a game out of it? Whether you organize a food bank or toy drive, or you volunteer within a local senior’s home, you can help your kids build character and develop a true understanding of what the holidays are all about.

Once your family is in the holiday spirit, you can also enjoy all types of games that are not only fun to play, but to make. These activities can be as simple as a candy cane hunt or a themed charades night. To get some ideas flowing, check out these 22 holiday games. They’re sure to please — and spark your ‘crafty’ side.

Arts and Crafts
Speaking of crafts, did you know that encouraging creativity in children is essential for their development? (As a mom, you will also score some adorable gifts). Why not go on a little hike and collect materials from nature? Pine cones and some colorful feathers are great supplies for making turkeys around Thanksgiving, whereas winter foliage is perfect for your family table centerpiece.


Regardless of the holiday fun you get into, the greatest reward will be the time you spend with one another. No need for extravagant activities — after all, “the best thing to spend on your children is your time.”

Whether your kids love Halloween, go crazy for Christmas or enjoy something else entirely, make sure you get creative and show them what the holidays are all about — quality time, gratitude and a whole lot of fun.


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