6 Totally Realistic Cleaning Hacks Every Mom Could Use

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6 Totally Realistic Cleaning Hacks Every Mom Could Use

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There’s this fantastic notion that moms are superheroes and can do everything—including keeping the house and kids clean—all with one hand tied behind their back. I call B.S.

What we can do is work smarter, not harder, so below, I’ve compiled a foolproof list for keeping your home nice and tidy with half the effort:

1. Shave the dog/cat/husband.

Hairlessness is all the rage. If you can handle your sweet pup or feline looking like some bionic mole rat experiment gone wrong, this can really cut down on how much sweeping and vacuuming you do! Same goes for your hubby. Adios, wiping down the sink!

2. Wrap your furniture in plastic.

Not just for the senile! No more fluffing cushions and scraping goldfish crumbs out of the nooks and crannies of the sofa. This ages-old trick will have the whole family slipping and sliding—what a blast! Your kids had been asking for a slide for a while anyways, right?

3. Stop using your dishes.

Every culture does this (yeah, I know y’all think only country folk do this—fight me). Order takeout from a decent Chinese place once and use those plastic containers until the Kung Pao chickens come home. Steal plastic cutlery from said Chinese place, and understand they will probably be happy you don’t come back for a while. Until, you know, you need new serving ware.

4. Wash your kids outside while washing your car.

Do you even care about the environment?! Wash those kiddos using the same time/energy/wax you’re already using to wash your car. Have them stand in front of your car and get both at the same time. Fun for them and two birds with one stone for you!

5. Have a yard sale.

Sell literally everything you own. It is impossible for your kids to make a mess if they no longer have socks/toys/empty water bottles. Enjoy your empty and flawless home with your infuriated family. Bond, why don’t you?


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