9 Milestones No Mom Ever Talks About

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9 Milestones No Mom Ever Talks About

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I was obsessed with my daughter’s milestones. The first time she really smiled at me. The day she practiced harder than an Olympic gymnast at rolling over and I cheered to the point of embarrassment. I remember the exact outfit she wore when she first moved those chubby knees across the floor.

But, let’s be honest, as moms, we have those other milestones. The ones rarely discussed in everyday conversation, but we’ve all experienced them. The dirty, the awkward, the mortifying. We all have to go through them but we sure as hell can’t prepare for them. There’s a first time for everything, and maybe, like the first word, or first walk, it’s time we start celebrating them.

1. The first boob slip

It happens to the even the most discreet of nursing moms. Whether you’re out at Olive Garden and your precious little whips her head around because she caught the enticing sight of yet another waiter walking by and you just took a bite of penne with your only free hand, or you walk out of the bedroom into a roomful of in-laws and you forget to slip your nursing tank back into place, it’s inevitable.

2. The puke that just wouldn’t quit

We all know babies spit up. It’s normal and totally expected, and that’s why we register for lots of burp cloths. But no one tells you about the stomach emptying. The one where you swear you burped the baby enough, but he just upchucked all over you. And the couch. And your dog. And the carpet. And you don’t know where to start. Sometimes, it even continues for weeks and months, and they call it something cute, like “reflux.”


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