9 Smart Things Foodies Do Every Day

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9 Smart Things Foodies Do Every Day

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Everyone has habits that make them unique, which is why we partnered with The Laughing Cow® Cheese for this post about what foodies do daily.

Being a foodie is like eating happiness. Every meal is an adventure, and grocery shopping is like foraging for delicious treasures. But foodies do tend to have daily habits that are a bit different from others who view eating as a basic daily experience. There’s no shame in sharing every good plate on Instagram or planning dinner while savoring brunch, right? Here are some smart things all foodies do daily combined with delectably drool-worthy recipes.

They Hit Whatever Farmers Market Is Happening That Day

Foodies are willing to drive, take transit, or walk to whatever farmers market is happening daily for fresh produce, especially when pining for miso soup with bok choy. And supporting local farmers is always a good thing.

They Talk With Local Butchers and Fishmongers

Instead of picking from whatever’s in the meat section, foodies take the time to talk with whoever is behind the counter, ensuring the purchase of the freshest items — because you always want the tastiest scallops for searing.

Foodies Eat With All Their Senses

It’s not just what food tastes like, but how it smells, looks, feels, and sounds while eating. Foodies know how to stop and enjoy a meal, seriously savoring every single bite, which turns whatever is being eaten into a wonderful experience.

They Update Shopping Lists Daily

Foodies freely admit to spending way too much on groceries. But good ingredients make the meal, especially when baking salmon on a bed of kale. And having an updated shopping list ensures you only buy what you really need.

Foodies Leave Room For Dessert

Even if it’s just a few bites of something sweet, all foodies know dessert is where it’s at. And the final bite of the day isn’t always sugary — a creamy cheese drizzled with honey or a bite of fresh fruit works too.

They Take Pictures of Good Food

Sure, sometimes it’s annoying, but when a foodie sees a good plate of food, it must be documented — especially if it’s a dish to remember. Keeping a food log is a great visual reminder of what you’ve savored, plus it’s motivation for trying new recipes.

They Try New Things

A foodie is never daunted with trying something new — even if it might be out of their comfort zone. And it’s a life lesson that translates into everyday living, encouraging new adventures and experiences. It also boosts creativity when coming up with new recipes or takes on reinventing leftovers.

Foodies Research Their Food

Foodies spend countless hours researching recipes and food items, hunting for the newest most innovative way to make a delicious dish. Along with discovering cooking tips, they learn new cooking techniques and trending ingredients to use.

They Cook From Scratch Daily

Sure, everyone loves eating out, but a foodie cooks from scratch every day. Even if it’s a quick meal or a rich dish, connecting with your food through chopping, simmering, and sautéing, makes the food taste so much better.



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