19 Things Moms Wish Other People Would Stop Judging Them For

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19 Things Moms Wish Other People Would Stop Judging Them For

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Motherhood means always having to say your sorry. Well, not quite that. But it does put you in a position of receiving judgment for choices you make in how you raise your kids. It’s exhausting to get looks, questions and comments alluding to all the mistakes you’re making. What if everyone just stopped?

For instance, why do people have so many opinions about moms whose babies use pacifiers? The pacifier baby isn’t complaining (unless you take her little mouth plug away). Can’t pacifier haters pick on someone their own size?



And maybe back away from babies who drink formula from bottles. Bottle-fed babies love not being hungry, they love growing from good nutrition, they’re not here for your sad stories about immune systems, future test scores and their relationships with their mothers. They’d stick their tongues out at those who judge, but they’ve got a bottle they’re working on.





You think you’ve got problems, bottle-fed baby? What about your best bud, the breast-fed toddler? Now that’s a kid who gets some stares, hostility and pushy advice about appropriate behavior. Extended breastfeederswould really prefer less focus on their chests and a little more eye contact from a fellow, judgment-free mom.






Ever notice how moms who go out and get minivans often apologize in advance and frequently revisit their professed love for said vehicle? It’s because they get judged. Yeah, maybe not every space is filled for every trip. Maybe it’s not cool and sporty like a Subaru Outback. But she’d like to ask you before a judgmental word is uttered from your lips: Who’s the first person you call for carpool? Mmm-hmm—the minivan mom.





Incredibly, a personal decision about a medical procedure is everyone’s business. A mom’s interest in trying to give birth without anesthesia is, for some people, not made with regard to her health. Rather it’s a statement about what everyone else is doing in their labor and delivery room. Sometimes a birth without intervention is just that: a birth … without intervention. Other women’s births aren’t part of her equation.






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