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How to Eat Your Way to Better Skin | PowerMom

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The best known steps to having good skin is keeping it clean, moisturized and protected against the sun. But healthy skin also needs care and attention from the inside. For the best skin, sometimes you have to put down the acne cream and retinol and pick up a fork instead.

Start by eating a rainbow every (or most) days. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that good skin craves. Aim for five servings in a variety of colors, as each plays a role in repairing damage and maintaining health.




Avocados make a great, moisturizing face mask, but they’re even better for your skin if you eat them. They’re high in vitamins C and E, which your body needs to keep itself clean and healthy, and they contain omega-9 fat, also known as oleic acid, which is key to cell regeneration, as well as reducing redness and irritation.






These rich nuts are the best source for selenium, a natural chemical that not only stabilizes moods but also reduces inflammation. They can be an acquired taste, so if you don’t like them whole, grind them up and sprinkle on salads or smoothies. You only need two or three per day to get your daily recommended amount.







You already know the benefits of selenium, but if you need a break from Brazil nuts, splurge on oysters, which also contain high amounts of this mineral that skin loves. Oysters also contain lots of protein, needed for skin repair, and zinc (yet another anti-inflammatory).






Another zinc powerhouse is chicken, which is also packed with protein and, if you eat the delicious, crispy skin, high in monounsaturated fats. The protein in chicken promotes skin health and collagen production. The acids in the fats reduce inflammation and promote smooth, glowing skin. The zinc helps regulate oil production and reduces inflammation.






Forget what they told you about chocolate causing breakouts. The effects of it are actually the opposite. Dark chocolate contains flavonols, which are antioxidants that help protect skin against sun damage, promote cell repair and reduce sun spots. They also boost blood flow, which makes skin glow. Chocolate’s magic can even promote hydration and elasticity in skin.








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