Karen Beninati and WeVillage Bring Simple Childcare to Los Angeles

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Karen Beninati and WeVillage Bring Simple Childcare to Los Angeles

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Flexible and affordable childcare with top-notch caregivers and facilities are every parent’s dream. Karen Beninati, mother to a 15-year-old son, has finally figured out how to make those dreams a reality with WeVillage, a childcare solution founded on a commitment to provide exceptional flexible childcare within beautifully designed locations, along with state-of-the-art programs and activities.

What sets WeVillage apart from other childcare options is their flexible scheduling and the elimination of complicated long-term contracts. Offering childcare options anywhere from just a few hours of care to preschool, WeVillage is certainly breaking the traditional childcare structure.

“Disrupting the norm would be an understatement—we are a fully flexible, licensed childcare facility with modern and beautifully designed facilities and an innovative play-based curriculum. From infant care to preschool, after-school programs and homework help; from school break day camps to organic meals and French lessons, your child will thrive on every level,” Beninati says.

WeVillage has several locations in Oregon and opened their first California location in Sherman Oaks last year. Beninati sits down with Mom.me to discuss how she balances he family time with her growing business.

Describe the moment when you were inspired to create WeVillage.

As a busy producer in the entertainment industry, I was always on the move. This meant I had to find a conducive environment to put my son in where he would be taken care of while I was busy. I researched and looked into dozens of places but couldn’t find a place where I really felt comfortable leaving him. I had a nanny at the time but she left without notice, leaving me desperate for childcare for my son. That’s when I saw the gap in the childcare industry for busy professionals like me, who wanted flexibility and quality care without the burden of a strict commitment.

What sets WeVillage apart from other childcare facilities and services?

Flexibility and quality childcare is at the core of who we are at WeVillage and that’s what really sets us apart. WeVillage provides quality childcare with flexible drop off options (great for date nights, unexpected meetings, and weekends), no contracts, a state-of-the-art facility, high-standard education and affordable price options!

As a mother as well as the founder and owner of WeVillage, how do you make it all work?

I wish I could say it all works all the time, but it doesn’t. However, when things do come together seamlessly, I attribute it to a great team. I have a team of people who understand what WeVillage stands for and are skilled enough to bring ideas to reality and manage WeVillage facilities. I also have a supportive family that steps in when needed. I try to take care of myself as well so I don’t burn out. So pamper days, vacations and me-time are built into my schedule. On off days, I get to remind myself of why I started WeVillage and that motives me to think and do bigger and better.

When did you first feel successful?

I first felt successful when I was able to get my first location up, running and profitable. It was such a great feeling to see something I had put so much time and into finally come to fruition. I’ve successfully opened up three other locations since then, which were all very proud moments too.


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