Leah Kitching Wants to Elevate Your Workout Experience

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Leah Kitching Wants to Elevate Your Workout Experience

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Leah Kitching, mother of two, has always had a passion for fitness. The California native took this passion to new level when she opened her own fitness studio, Studio Elevate, two years ago in Culver City. In a place like Los Angeles, it can be difficult for a gym to set themselves apart from the myriad fitness options available—but Kitching’s Studio Elevate has managed to do just that.

“There is nothing better than when someone comes to class and becomes stronger mentally and physically. I am so grateful to be able to facilitate that change and see my students change both inside and out,” Kitching says.

It’s this mentality of building the foundations for overall fitness and well-being that makes Studio Elevate so special. With a blend of expertly instructed spin and pilates classes, focused on strength and awareness of body and mind, you’re in for an addictive experience.

Kitching sits down with Mom.me to discuss how she manages a family and a business—and still carves out time for regular workouts.

Describe the moment when you were inspired to create Studio Elevate.

I had been teaching at another studio for several years and realized one day I wasn’t able to provide the true experience they deserved. The classes were always on display through windows, which I know makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Plus, the space was full of fluorescent lighting. I wanted to provide a place that people felt comfortable in. When you’re working out, you shouldn’t be focused on anything but yourself and your own improvement and growth.


What was the process of creating your own fitness studio like? Was there anything particularly challenging or surprising about the experience?

It took over a year to find a space. That was a challenge because we had been led to believe we were going to sign a lease with a great spot and has already purchased machines and equipment. They had basically led us on to leverage us against another fitness studio and then picked them in the end. It was very frustrating, especially because I was pregnant with my daughter and had to store the machines and start over on our search!

What sets Studio Elevate apart from other fitness studios?

We have an inclusive and transformative space. The teachers, the atmosphere and experience is all about finding your edge, connecting your body and mind, and always striving to become stronger in a calm setting. It’s the best!

As a mother as well as the owner of Studio Elevate, how do you make it all work?

I am constantly trying to balance my work life with my kids. I have help, which is great because it allows me to get some really productive hours in, work-wise. This way I get to really step away from it all and spend quality time with my family when I’m not working, rather than always splitting my time and energy between the two.



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