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Loacker’s Week of Giving

Loacker, a manufacturer of quality chocolate, snacks and specialty food items, is passionate that no child should be hungry this holiday season. To that end, we have teamed up with No Kid Hungry, a global nonprofit determined to end world hunger, and the Power Mom Summit, an online community of powerful, resourceful moms around the globe, to host a fundraiser and giveaway event from November 18th to the 25th. We are making this a grassroots campaign because we are convinced that no effort and no donation is too small.




What Is the Week of Giving?
For eight days in November, Loacker is encouraging customers and site visitors to think about how they can make a difference in eliminating world hunger. We are rewarding those who share their experiences via social media with a chance to win Loacker products and logo items. You can also view other people’s efforts and posts by following hashtags #weekofgiving and #loackerlove on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Ways to Participate in the Week of Giving
It’s easy to be a part of Loacker’s Week of Giving Campaign. Just follow these steps:

1.        Post a picture or video of yourself doing a charitable act or making a donation to No Kid Hungry on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. A charitable act might include volunteering at a local food pantry, helping out with a church outreach program and/or helping at a local school, nursing home or library.

2.        Include the hashtag #loackerlove and #weekofgiving in your post to be eligible to win the random drawing.

3.        The first 100 (verified) people who post about their charitable activity (and use the hashtags) will receive a Loacker Insider box filled with snacks and yummy treats.

4.        All verified participants will be entered into a random drawing for a special Loacker Swag Bag, filled with Loacker swag and tasty treats. Ten winners will be drawn.


No child should be without nourishing food this holiday season, or any season. To learn more about Loacker’s Week of Giving campaign and to make a donation to No Kid Hungry Now, visit nokidhungry.org/loacker. Help us to make this holiday season a season to remember for children all around the globe.

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