Mom Shamed for Working Out at Target Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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Mom Shamed for Working Out at Target Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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Sia Cooper, the super-fit mom behind Diary of a Fit Mommy, decided to have some fun at her empty, local Target and squeeze in some squats and lunges while pushing her daughter in a cart.

“Getting it done in @Target because it’s only the most (magical) place in the entire world (besides Disney World). So, if you saw a weirdo working out in Target today—yup, that was me! Who needs a friggin’ gym,” she wrote on Instagram.

But of course, people took her impromptu sweat sesh personally. The comments came rolling in when Self magazine regrammed her video in October.

“Go to your house to work out. You are obstructing the aisle.” (Is it just us, or does that aisle look pretty empty?)

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!! Target is a sacred place of awesomeness!! Don’t make me feel bad for roaming the aisles while snacking on cheese doodles!!”

“Who has time to work out in Target. 🙄”

“Just shop and spend time with your kid!”

Trying to make time to exercise is already hard enough, especially when you’re a mom of two toddlers. (We feel for you, Sia!) And, although we can’t really imagine working out when there’s rosé and cheese crackers staring right at us in aisle three, we get that for some people, when the “fitspiration” hits, you’ve got to act immediately before the moment’s gone. And hey, if you had to work out somewhere, why not at Target, aka heaven on earth?

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