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What To Have On Your Phone To Score The Best Buys

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Back when going shopping meant hopping in the car and heading to the mall, like it did in high school, we thought it was easy. But nowadays, it’s even easier than that. We’ve got a ton of shopping options right at our fingertips. We can shop for whatever we want, whenever we want, and it’ll end up on our doorstep in a snap.

Whether you prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, or would rather browse from your couch, there are awesome apps you can use to find the best products, keep track of those products, and score the best deals.

We’ve gathered up 15 apps that make our shopping addiction more fun, more responsible, and just plain better all-around. Take a look at our picks, and share your favorites in the comments.


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind-find…


Etsy’s desktop site can feel overwhelming with the amount of products and information on there (reviews! blog updates! safety guidelines!), but its app is much easier to navigate. The top toolbar lets you toggle from products recommended for you to editors’ picks, as well as a view of your recent activity. Whether you choose to shop jewelry or tops, you’re sure to find something that you won’t see on five other people when you walk down the street this fall.





If you want it, but only when it goes on sale…

Hafta Have

You find the perfect dress, and then you check the price tag — not so perfect. If you’ve got Champagne taste and a beer budget, you need Hafta Have. This app lets you favorite items that you scout online or in real life (just scan the bar codes), saves them for later, and then notifies you when they go on sale. You can also add a filter so you’ll only get alerted when your size is actually on sale. The only negative: The app doesn’t work with every store on the planet, but the list is growing.



If you want “good for you” buys…


Musely isn’t just a shopping app — it’s a hub for learning new things, finding recommendations from others, sharing your expertise, and living more healthily. You can find products in six areas: Baby; Beauty; Health & Fitness; Skin Care; Home; and Food & Drink. You can find and buy new products, and get tips on how to work them into your daily routine.






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