3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Hilary Duff

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3 Reasons We’re Crushing on Hilary Duff

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You probably remember Hilary Duff from her lead role on Disney Channel’s hit TV show, Lizzie McGuire. Duff played a relatable, awkward pre-teen in the mid 2000’s.  Duff, now in her late twenties is still acting, singing, and an emerging social media icon. This American Actress’s glowing social presence has awarded her this week’s #MomCrushMonday title. She’s brave, she’s focused, she loves her son, and she’s unashamedly imperfect. Here’s why we are totally mom-crushing on Hilary Duff!

(1) She’s career driven. Maybe you’ve seen her new series Younger (on TVLand)! Between her acting and singing career, Duff never allowed her busy work life to hold her back from being a mother. Duff is known to bring her son, Luca, on set on several occasions. While adored by the cast, Luca tagging along is only a temporary solution. Like all working mothers, crazy work hours can make family time seem impossible. Duff spends her weekdays in New York and travels back to LA on the weekends to spend time with Luca. Balancing home and work is never easy, but Hilary Duff seems to have mastered it.

(2) She’s a dedicated single mother. Being a working mom is hard, but add to that the difficulties of divorce and co-parenting. She is no complainer though, Duff is optimistically inspiring. She’s a total team player. Hilary and her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, divide responsibilities and coordinate schedules. She admits it’s taken some getting used to. When she takes care of Luca alone for weeks at a time it gets overwhelming, but as soon as he goes to spend time with his dad she immediately misses him. Duff makes up for her time apart from Luca (as best as she can) by planning family vacations with her mother. Whether she’s getting all emotional over her son in interviews or gushing about him on Instagram, it is no secret how much Duff adores being a mother. Duff received some discouraging backlash after posting a picture kissing her son on Instagram. Of course, Duff used this discouragement to promote her support for all mothers and women on social media.

(3) She’s unashamed. Duff bravely posted an unedited picture of herself in a bathing suit, with all the imperfections that any human woman can have, cellulite and stretch marks. But her incredible honesty and vulnerability didn’t stop there! As she says, she’s sharing her “celeb flaws”! Her body may be healthy and fit, but it still has imperfections. Duff clearly doesn’t resent or hate her body, something that all women and mothers struggle with daily. Duff loves her body because it gave her son! If only we could all thank our bodies like that!

Hilary encompasses the title of what it means to be PowerMom. Duff said this about her role as a mother, “Motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever received. Everyday is a new adventure or hurdle. My heart has grown bigger than I can explain.” Duff is an inspiration, not just to working mothers but to all women. In her own words, “Ladies, let’s be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed.”


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