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Top 10 Apps for Moms

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The days of having a phone simply to stay in touch are long gone. Today’s phones are like having your own personal assistant to help make your life as a mom a little easier.

Use that handy gadget you rely on to update your Facebook status as a powerful tool. Discover the best apps for moms to use for grocery lists, family calendars, money management, to-do lists and so much more. (View the original article here)


Cozi is one of the best apps for moms on the market. Not only is this powerful app free, it’s basically an all-in-one family management tool. With stunning visuals, Cozi is an app moms can use to write shopping lists, journal, see what’s ahead in the coming weeks and more. One of the most convenient features of the Cozi app for moms is that each child’s name is assigned a colored dot so you can easily spot who needs to be where on your family’s hectic schedule.
Available for: iPhone


Actress and fellow mom Melissa Joan Hart is one of the co-owners of this couponing app for moms. Yowza!! sends coupons and other deals to your phone based on your location. Most coupons come directly from the manufacturer so they often offer big discounts you wouldn’t find anywhere else. When you find a coupon or deal you want to take advantage of, the store’s cashier simply scans the coupon directly from your phone. Another handy feature of Yowza!! is that you can easily save the coupons you’re interested in so you’re not having to frantically wade through the coupons in the checkout line.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Kids Meal Deals

Sink your teeth into the Kids Meal Deals app that points out all of of the restaurants in your area with kids’ meal deals, including the ones where kids eat free. Deals are constantly being added and updated so you always know who’s got the most affordable, family-friendly dining in your city. It’s also an excellent tool to have on your phone while on vacation in an unfamiliar city. You can easily find family-friendly restaurants with kids’ meal deals too yummy to miss.

Available for: iPhone, Android and Blackberry


Moms are natural comparison shoppers. What’s great about the ShopSavvy app for moms is that you don’t have to run all over town trying to find the best deal on that one must-have item. ShopSavvy can pinpoint the lowest cost on everything in your city, from a specific brand of diapers to the lowest price on those high-priced back-to-school items.

Available for: iPhone, Android and Windows


Managing the family budget usually falls on mom. Manilla is a free bill organizer service that lets you manage all of your accounts in one place. You’ll be able to see your balances and due dates with an easy text alert notification system that can give you a head’s up that a certain bill’s due date is quickly approaching. It’s an easy way to get organized and stop stressing out over the paper pile on your desk.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Remember the Milk

If you’re a list person, Remember the Milk is an app that helps you manage multiple to-do lists. Add your day’s list and drop in next week’s projects. Remember the Milk lets you organize everything you’ve got going on into simple lists. It will also alert you when one of your to-do list items is coming up so you’ll never forget to go to the bank before 4 p.m. or take your kids to soccer practice at 5 p.m.

Available for: iPhone and Android


Where are you and what do you want to do now? Picksie is one of the best apps for moms because of its ability to show you what fun activities there are for you and your family to enjoy based on your location. It has built-in schedules, a ticketing feature, ratings and more. This app can point you to family-friendly venues and, as it learns more about your likes and dislikes, even makes recommendations for your next family outing.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Apps to Find Your Phone

How many times has your child run off with your phone and it’s taken you hours or even days before it shows up again? There are two different apps from two different developers to consider.

Where’s My Droid is for Android users. It has the ability to turn your ringer up and make your phone ring so you can find it easily. It can also use GPS to track the coordinates of your phone.

Find My iPhone is for iPhone users. It can also tell you the GPS coordinates of your phone and make your phone beep at full volume for easy locating.

Each app is perfect for moms who no longer want to have to blindly hunt for their phones.

Trick or Tracker

Trick or Tracker gets a lot of buzz at Halloween because of its name and its ability for you to track your child’s phone. But it has year-round uses too. Parents can set boundaries so your children can’t roam outside the limits you set. Plus, the app has a built-in, one-click emergency button that will let parents know instantly that their child is in danger as well as a compass that points children in the direction of home.

Available for: Android and Windows

Sex Offender Tracker

Protecting your kids is your number-one goal. While this isn’t an app you want to have to use, as a parent it’s essential. Sex Offender Tracker shows you how many registered sex offenders are within the area, their distance from you, the charges they were convicted of as well as that person’s mugshot. Anytime you hit the playground or drop your children off at a friend’s house for a play date, you’ll know exactly how many registered sex offenders there are in that particular area. Sex Offender Tracker costs $1.99 but 5% of all proceeds go to the RAINN anti-sexual assault organization.

Available for: iPhone and Android



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